Elora Roy

Elora Roy

Dr. Elora Roy graduated from St. Eustatius School of Medicine and specializes in Family Medicine. Elora completed an Internship at St. Joseph MCW in Milwaukee, WI as well as a residency program at the University of Notre Dame and is Family Board Certified. Dr. Roy focuses on women's health, family planning and weight management. In her spare time, Elora enjoys exercising regularly, playing with her dogs, and traveling.

Appointments with Dr. Roy can be made Monday through Friday 8:15 AM to 3:45 PM

Medical Education

Medical Education

St Eustatius School of Medicine, Netherlands - Antilles


2009-2010 Research Intern, Southeastern Orthopedics, Savannah, GA


2010-2011 PGY1. St Joseph Family Medicine Residency Program, Milwaukee, WI
2011-2013 PGY2. UND CFM Family Medicine  Residency, Bismarck, ND   


American Medical Society for Sports Medicine
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Association of Aesthetic Medicine

Other Degree

B.S. in Biology. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Spoken Language

English, French, Haitian